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About Our store

Founded at the end of the 80s, we’re still leading the race in the solar Panel industry!

Our professional team includes Electrical Engineers, Electronics Technicians, Electricians and other skilled persons, all with a passion for solar and wind power.



We have installed thousands of grid-connect, remote area and recreational power systems throughout Australia for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

With more than 1 billion solar cells already being produced worldwide, alternative energy isn’t just an alternative, it’s the reality that we all should embrace!

If you’re a lucky owner of a 2 or 3 stories house in the suburbs, rejoice! We’ve dropped our initial prices by 20% this weekend just so you can take advantage of our unique offer!

We offer a wide range of solar panels, differed by its output capacity, just as well as the installation of hundreds of residential systems and many of the largest and most complex commercial photovoltaic systems in the US and Canada.